Changan Automobiles To Enter India Next Fiscal Year

China’s oldest automaker Changan Automobile Company is rumoured to be planning to enter India during the next fiscal year.

China’s oldest carmaker Changan Automobiles are planning to enter the Indian market in the next financial year. Changan is China’s fourth largest carmaker by of sales volume. If the plans do go into effect, then Changan will be China’s first automaker to invest in India. The company according to reports have already looked at areas in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu and are looking for a local partner.

Changan Automobiles suv
Changan Automobiles to enter the Indian market sometime in the next financial year

China’s automotive market has been stagnating for a while, with the sales of minivans and sedans plummeting to all time lows, while the SUV’s sales are soaring high. Thus Chinese companies are looking into international markets for new customers. The Chinese carmaker is considering to invest Rs. 1000 Crores for the initial phase to set up a new facility. The new facility will be set up to produce 2 Lakhs units annually.

Changan Automobiles is known for building basic cars with no frills concentrating mainly in the sedan and SUV segments. Changan automaker’s car models include Alsvin, Benni, CX20, CS35 and CS75. The company has joint ventures with Ford, Suzuki, and PSA Peugeot Citroen. Out of these cars, it will be interesting to watch which models will be brought and launched in the Indian market.

Changan claims to have 6,000 sales and service facilities in more than 60 countries around the world. It has six manufacturing units in China, four research and development units in Turin, Italy; Yokohama in Japan; Nottingham in England and Detroit in USA.

Chinese market has stagnated for the hatchbacks, hence Changan Automobiles is on the look out for new customers and India is a very lucrative market

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