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2017 Ford Focus RS500 Could Produce Close To 400 BHP

The 2017 Ford Focus RS500 could produce close to 400 bhp and will be limited to 500 units

The limited run Ford Focus RS500 is one of the 12 high-performance cars currently under development in Germany. The hot hatchback is due to be released sometime next year. But the car has not got the green light for production yet.

Ford is looking to see if it could add the RS500 to the Focus production line without causing too much disruption. The car should also be financially viable.

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The new hatchback will get more cooling vents and a larger rear spoiler. The current car is powered by a 2.3-litre four-cylinder Ecoboost engine producing 350 bhp. Considering that the previous generation RS500 could 15% more, the new one could get somewhere around 396 bhp from the same engine. The specific power output will be around 172 bhp per litre, which is close to Mercedes-AMG A45’s 177 bhp per litre.

The torque output will see only a marginal increase to ensure that the 6-speed manual transmission would not need re-engineering. The Ford Focus RS500 currently produces 475 Nm of torque. The 0-100 kmph acceleration time will fall from the current 4.7 seconds to 4.2 seconds or lower. Ford will be targeting the Mercedes-AMG A45’s time of 4.2 seconds. Ford could also add an electronically controlled front limited-slip differential to the AWD hot-hatch. This was tested successfully for the Focus RS but was not put into production.

Ford Focus RS rear left

The chassis and brakes will be carried over from the regular car, but it will now ride on Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres on 19-inch wheels.

Being a limited edition, extremely powerful hatchback, it will be pricey. It is expected to cost around 45% more than the regular car, which will put it around 45,000 pounds mark.


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Source – Autocar UK

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