Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision GT Concept

New Mercedes-AMG Hypercar Inspired By Formula1 In The Works

A new mid-engined Mercedes-AMG Hypercar is reportedly in the works. The hypercar will feature Mercedes-AMG F1 technology.

There were reports earlier that Mercedes-AMG was working on a hypercar to compete with the likes of the Ferrari LaFerrari, the Porsche 918 spyder or the Mclaren P1 and that the car could look like the Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Tourismo Concept car as showcased a few years back, but it seems that it is not the case and that Mercedes-AMG Hypercar will be higher much more powerful and track ready.

Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision GT Concept
The Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision GT Concept as seen a few years back

An Insider in Mercedes-AMG recently revealed that the new hypercar model which was till now just a rumour has been confirmed to move into the physical product development stages. According to the Insider, the new Mercedes-AMG hypercar will get a re-developed F1 hybrid powertrain suited for the road and will be engineered in Brixworth at the Mercedes-AMG High-Performance centre which is also the home for the development of the Mercedes-AMG F1 racing engines.

The car’s chassis and body will be built around the similar styling of an F1 with a carbon-fibre monocoque while also featuring the Gullwing style cockpit canopy, where the software and hardware being used will be influenced by the F1 team’s race car. The hypercar from the Mercedes-AMG stable will take on competition from Aston Martin’s AM-RB-001 hypercar also influenced by F1 technology.

The hypercar from Mercedes-AMG is expected to get features like the biometric driver control systems, recently shown off on the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 concept a few days back. This system. This system allows the hypercar to read physical inputs from the driver in real time and adjust the vehicle’s chassis and electronic controls appropriately to his driving style.

With 2017 ushering in AMG’s 50th birthday, it would make perfect timings for the company to showcase its hypercar, but the first look of the car is expected to be only sometime in 2018. regarding the pricing of the Mercedes-AMG hypercar, rumours are around that the car will be priced around the GBP 3 Million mark.

Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision GT Concept
The Vision GT concept might form the basis of design for the Mercedes-AMG Hypercar

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