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Effect Of Autonomous Cars On Petrolheads

We all know that autonomous cars are coming. But what effect will this have for petrol heads like us? Nobody knows and we can only predict. One thing is for sure, the future looks dark for you and me.

Autonomous cars are just a few years away. We could soon see autonomous cars running around with their programmed electronic minds. But the transition from non-autonomous to autonomous will take time. The main point of the autonomous cars is to reduce accidents. The idea is they talk to each other and prevent collisions while you are inside getting some rest or catching up with work. But there will be period where the cars will still be learning and will be far from perfect. It will be like one of those early days cars which came with a lot of problems. It does show promise and that it can be done. On the other end there will be mad drivers still in control of their cars drifting around every corner they find.

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What does the car do then? Would you trust the car to do all the work or will you say screw it and take over control anticipating such road users. What would you do? Earlier this year, Google’s self driving car met with an accident after a driver ran a red light and collided with the test car. Tesla also faced problems after a Model S failed to notice a truck up ahead and collided with it. Unfortunately, this killed the driver of the Tesla.

Here’s why. If it does, the car as we know it will soon be dead. Vehicles will become mere machines meant only for transportation and nothing else. A few manufacturers will still continue to produce for people like us. But I fear the government will start implementing extremely strict regulations that will make driving nearly impossible and a thing of the past.

Autonomous cars would certainly make sense in congested cities and on motorways. They could allow us to travel at much higher speeds and follow at closer distances as human reaction time will be eliminated. This could help to cut down on travel time and reduce traffic jams. I believe that in the future, human drivers could initially be relegated to only back roads and after a certain period, only to race tracks. This, most certainly, can make it a rich man’s hobby and not for all the common people to enjoy now.

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Stuff like this is not what I want to see in the future. People, enjoy your cars to the maximum now while you still can. The art of driving could soon be relegated to the history books.

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