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Tata Launches the Tamo Racemo At the Geneva Motor Show

Tata Motors have made a World Premiere of their new sub-brand TAMO, which is a synonym for Tata Mobility. The Start-up innovation from Tata Motors further showcased and launched their first offering, the Tamo Racemo and the Tamo Racemo+

Tata Motors have just World Premiered their all new start-up innovation the Tamo, which according to Tata Motors “operates as an agile, ring-fenced vertical, in a low volume, low investment model to provide fast-tracked proves of technologies and concepts.” Furthermore, Tamo themselves have come up with the launch of their first two doors, sports coupe named the Tamo Racemo.

Tamo Racemo front three quarters

The Tamo Racemo is India’s first globally developed car which will be available in both the physical world and digital world. It is radically designed with a lot of cues in terms of aerodynamics for air flow around the car.

The Tamo Racemo is India’s first fully connected car, thanks to the technologies from Microsoft Azure, which provides features such as advanced navigation, predictive maintenance, remote monitoring and over-the-air updates.

The new sports coupe from Tata Motor’s start-up will see the production begin soon with its entry into the Indian market sometime by the end of the year. The car will be limited to a certain number to maintain the exclusivity of the vehicle, but the specific number of cars that will be produced has yet to be decided as well as the pricing of the car which is still uncertain according to Dr Tim Leverton, Head-Engineering, Tata Motors.

Dr. Tim Leverton, Head-Engineering, Tata Motors

Tata Motor’s Tamo also revealed a track inspired version of the Racemo called the Tamo Racemo+ which is currently available on the Forza Horizon 3 video game on the Xbox One and Windows 10 format.

Tamo Racemo+

Tata Motors have an adjacent stand for their Tamo start-up completely placed with racing seats and simulations with the Xbox One set-up for all its viewers to experience the Tamo Racemo+ in the digital world of Forza Horizan 3.

We got a chance to speak to Dr Tim Leverton, Head-Engineering, Tata Motors and here is what he had to say in a brief Q&A Session, Click here.

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