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Kia Motors Announces Entry Into The Indian Market

Kia Motors recently announced their entry into the Indian market. With the manufacturing plant to come up at Andhra Pradesh later this year, while vehicle sales start by end of 2019.

Kia Motors recently announced that they are finally entering the Indian market after several years of contemplation. Kia which is the sister brand of Hyundai has confirmed an investment of $1.1 Billion towards a greenfield project with the Andhra Pradesh state government to set up their manufacturing plant. The construction of the plant is all set to start later this year occupying 536 acres of land with a maximum production capacity of 3,00,000 units. The production of vehicles is set to start by the second half of 2019 along with the sales soon following at the end of that year.

Kia Motors Picanto
The Picanto from Kia Motors will be one of the products expected to be launched in India

According to officials from Kia Motors, the company will aim to clearly differentiate between themselves and Hyundai in all forms including dealerships, advertisments and products, so as to not confuse consumers between the two brands. The carmaker at the moment is planning to not only launch a mainstream model but also a product in the premium segment as well as a brand image model. Kia Motors have not yet confirmed the models which are to be launched in the Indian market which they will do after they get the results of the feasibility study they are currently conducting.

Among the expected range of products from Kia Motors to India are the Sportage SUV, Picanto and the Rio hatchback. The carmaker could also bring in their new Kia Stinger which was recently unveiled, taking the role of the brand image builder in the new market. The Kia Stinger is a rear-wheel drive sports sedan with 370hp power from its 3.3-litre twin turbocharged V6 engine.

Kia Motos Stinger
The Stinger from Kia Motors was unveiled recently earlier this year

Kia Motors initially will have only up to 40 percent localisation in its models initially but are planning to achieve complete localisation in the long term. The company does plan to share powertrains and assembly lines with Hyundai India, hence we can assume that the Sportage SUV if on its way to India can get the same engine as the Hyundai Tucson which is a 2.0-litre diesel.

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