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In Conversation: Dr. Tim Leverton On TATA Motor’s New Sub-Brand The TAMO

Tata’s new sub-brand the TAMO was recently launched at the Geneva Motor Show 2017, here I got the chance to speak to the Engineering Head of Tata Motors Dr. Tim Leverton and here is what he had to say.

The new sub-brand TAMO from Tata Motors along with the RACEMO sports car

Tata Motors created quite an impact at the Geneva International Motor Show held earlier this year launching a new sub-brand called the TAMO. The company as part of the launch of their new sub-brand also unveiled versions of their new sports car coupe called the RACEMO and the RACEMO+.

After all the excitement of the launch and handshakes with major media outlets had taken place, I finally got an opportunity to have a brief Q&A session with Dr. Tim Leverton who explained in more detail as to what the name and brand TAMO stands for and how it represents the future of one of the largest Indian multinational company.

Dr. Tim Leverton, Head-Engineering, Tata Motors
Dr. Tim Leverton unveiling the TAMO RACEMO at the Geneva Motor Show

At the Tata Motors stand in hall 6 of the Motor Show, Dr. Leverton explained as to how TAMO the new sub-brand of Tata Motors which stands for Tata Mobility was created to develop mobility solutions along with a series of ‘speed-boat’ projects to be agile and move things quickly. Also, the new sub-brand plans to do a proof of concept while acquiring new technologies and digital developments which will be put out in the marketplace to prove out with the customers.

Coming to the two offerings of RACEMO and RACEMO+ from the TAMO sub-brand, Dr Leverton said that “these new offerings are a start-up project for the brand meant to create an impact with something quite extreme which would grab attention among the people”. He also mentioned that “the RACEMO project is meant to ‘wow’ customers while also bridge the gap between ownership of the car both on the road and track. The RACEMO+ is part of the digital experience where the customers can experience a more track focused car on a digital/ virtual environment through the Xbox and Microsoft platform.” TAMO has partnered with Microsoft for cloud and digital based services.

TAMO Gaming Room (1)
The gaming room with the Forza Horizan 3 where the TAMO RACEMO+ is seen racing

Dr. Leverton mentions that “the idea is to engage vehicles to 10x or 100x number of fans while also trying to appeal to a younger audience, hence we have chosen a striking product to begin with which will help establish that connection between the product and the customers.” He also says that “TAMO will also consider other areas such as smart cities, urban solutions and continue to develop specific technologies which can be later adopted into TATA’s mainstream cars.”

On the question of whether the company has decided a production number for the car, Dr. Leverton mentions that “the exact number of the cars will not be declared at the Motor Show, but a number will be decided on and declared by the time the car nears its launch date which will happen during the latter part of 2017.” In terms of cost of the TAMO RACEMO, he said that “the car will clearly not be a low-cost car, it will be a premium car but it can be considered affordable looking at the features it offers and by also comparing it to other sports cars.”

Tamo Racemo 2
TAMO RACEMO will be limited to a specific number, but will be affordable as compared to other sportscars

Knowing that the RACEMO was intended to create an impact and grab attention among the people in the Motor Show, I found out whether even the sales of the car once it enters production phase would be different as compared to the mainstream cars of TATA Motors, to which Dr. Leverton agreed while adding that “the bookings and sales of the cars coming out of TAMO would be different, but at the moment TAMO aims to first expand the digital presence of the car. The interaction and experience will be different compared to the mainstream TATA Motors, TAMO will use halo-lens technology like the ones showcased at the TATA Stand to help explain all the features and aspects of the car. This digital experience will support the bookings even before the physical car is available.”

TAMO's Digital Experience
TAMO uses digital environment to explain all aspects of their RACEMO Sportscar

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