FXX K Evoluzione

Ferrari FXX K To Get Aero Updates

An updated version of the Ferrari FXX K has been seen testing at the Monza circuit with camouflage.

The Ferrari FXX K is expected to get an aero updated. A test car was filmed testing at the Monza circuit by YouTube user 19Bozzy92. The car, which is expected to be called the FXX K Evoluzione, has heavy camouflage.

Based on the LaFerrari, the FXX K is a track-only hypercar available only to exclusive customers. It is powered by a 6.3-litre V12 engine and an electric motor, with a F1-style kinetic energy recovery system. Power output is more than a 1000hp. The FXX K already produces 50% more downforce than the road legal LaFerrari. This is set to increase with the Ferrari FXX K Evoluzione. The current FXX K can lap Ferrari’s Fiorano test track around five seconds faster than the LaFerrari.

The Italian supercar and hypercar manufacturer did the same with the track-only FXX, which was based on the Enzo. The FXX Evoluzione brought out aero updates to increase downforce. No major mechanical updates were added and the same can be expected from the upcoming car.

The Ferrari FXX K rivals track-only hypercars like the P1 GTR and the Aston Martin Vulcan.

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