Bajaj Urbanite To Enter Two-Wheeler EV Space By 2020

Bajaj is in the process of entering the EV Space with a new sub-brand called the ‘Urbanite’. The Bajaj Urbanite brand will launch premium two-wheeler electric vehicles in the Indian market by 2020.

The Bajaj Urbanite brand is currently in the works to produce premium two-wheelers for the Indian market, to go on sale before 2020. The Bajaj Auto MD Rajiv Bajaj, in an interview with Livemint recently announced the plan to build a new brand focussed on entering the EV space. Mr¬†Bajaj also mentioned that he intends to build a “niche business with a chic and aspirational product” with the “aim to do a Tesla in the two-wheeler space”.

The electric two-wheeler vehicles from the company will be more appealing and premium as compared to the other low budget electric vehicles available currently in the market today. The EV from Bajaj will compete with the likes of the S340 smart scooter from Bangalore based start-up Ather Energy and also the T6X Electric motorcycle from the Pune based Tork Motorcycles.

The Bajaj Urbanite brand will also look into bringing electric vehicles in the three-wheeler space as well, but one will have to wait and see how the market for a three-wheeler electric vehicle will fit in the India.

Bajaj until now has defined themselves as a ‘motorcycle manufacturer’ and have stayed away from the scooter manufacturing business, but with the company’s entry into the EV space, it will be worth looking at if and how the brand Urbanite will incorporate even the scooter manufacturing into this space.

Once the Bajaj Urbanite brand is launched, Bajaj Auto will become the first Indian two-wheeler manufacturer to have its own division focussed on the electric two-wheeler space, as other companies like Honda have shown interest in the past by investing in smaller companies like Ather Energy, however, do not have their own division in this space.

The only other brand to have really moved forward in the two-wheeler EV segment is KTM with their Freeride E motorcycle and with Bajaj owning 48 percent of KTM, it would be interesting to see how they use this to their advantage and boost the KTM electric vehicle division to lead the two-wheeler EV segment in India.

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