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We at AutoEsperto are just a bunch of automotive nuts, whose main aim is to somehow always end up next to a car/bike. A truly dedicated team with the sole purpose of providing (saturating actually) our readers with the latest news and reviews from the automotive sector from across the globe.


Chirag Moro
Co-Founder, Editor-In-Chief.

Chirag Moro
A Mechanical Engineer from Bangalore, Chirag is a guy whose first word was “car” rather than anything else. A true petrolhead in every sense, with a deep insight of everything related to automobiles. He is associated with automotive quizzing and has taken part in regional and national events. Chirag started his career with a blog and then worked for a couple of websites including Indian Cars Bikes, before starting out on his own. His dream cars are the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta and the Porsche 911.
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Rahul Nagaraj
Co-Founder, Managing Editor.

Mechanical Engineer from Bangalore. Rahul is one person who never misses out on any opportunity to drive (or ride) anything which has wheels. He started out writing blogs, where he has reviewed cars, wrote about general articles related to automobiles, before becoming a freelancer at another automotive website. He is a passionate biker who loves to travel and discover new places. His dream car and bike are the Aston Martin V12 Vantage and BMW S1000R respectively.
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Siddarth Lakshmanan
Senior Editor
Siddarth Lakshmanan
With an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering and currently a Masters’ student pursuing Manufacturing Engineering in the US, Siddarth is a passionate individual with a zeal for four wheels. He has been associated with automobile quizzing and is well known amongst the quizzing circle during his undergraduate days. Siddarth has formerly published automobile columns with the TalkMag and The Students Magazine. Back in 2011, he was chosen by NDTV and BMW to meet the BMW Engineers and witness the launch of the BMW I8 Concept. His dream cars are the Jaguar F-Type and the Ferrari 458 Spyder.
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Neha Channakeshava
Web Developer


Neha is an Information Science Engineer graduate from Bangalore, currently working at Infosys Ltd. She likes web designing and has worked on an ISRO project which dealt with the same. Neha loves to travel and explore new places. She is trained in Bharatanatyam and completed her junior level exam in it. She is also a foodie and loves to cook.


AutoEsperto would like to thank  Vivek Krishnamurthy, Soumya Krishnamurthy, Mahanth Chavan and Sharanya Reddy for their valuable contributions towards the development of the website and their constant support.